Ufalme Technologies® has developed a five (5) step process that will help ensure your expectations are met. Please note that the Development process below is just a guideline. Your project may have needs that are not addressed here.

1. Order Phase

You place your website order here.
The purpose of this phase is to officially engage the services of Ufalme Technologies®.

2. Familiarisation Phase

We then get to know the details of what you expect in your project. We ask you questions, probe into your strategy and define your vision. This collective communication between you and our team produces a ‘blueprint’ for guiding the overall project.

A contract that will guide us in the whole project is signed here with a down payment of Ksh 7,500.00 (50% of the total cost of the project).

3. Content Gathering Phase

Based on your requirements above, we will advice you on the contents to gather while we develop a prototype of the Home page.

4. Design and Development Phase

On submission of Content, we will develop the prototype of the home page of you site which we will present to you (online) for approval or modifications that will perfectly reflect your expectations.
When you approve the prototype design, the actual development will then commence.

We will work closely with you in developing the site to completion, and expect feedback at every stage.

5. Commissioning Phase

Hurrah!!! Your Website is complete. You now evaluate and approve the project against the agreed site specifications and features.

Any errors will be corrected. We upload the site and there you go – YOU ARE ONLINE.

After the commissioning of your website, we will request you to post a comment of your experience with our services. (this is optional)

There is no waiting period if you choose to order now. We will begin to make the structure of your website today. However, if there are many orders to fulfill, we will then start your project within the next three (3) business days.