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Get A Professional Website At Just KSh. 7,950/=

We understand Website and its impact on your business. So, we do not bog you down with some random features and demand exorbitant charges.

We give you the most crucial features required to get you started and ensure that you begin your journey – scroll down to see the features included.

Down the road, we can always add more features as your business grows.


Special Offer

It doesn’t matter that you have a small business or you are bootstrapped, a website is something that cannot be compromised. Even if you have a social media page, getting a website will take you to a higher level.


Take advantage of our Special offer of just KSh. 7,950/= to get a COMPLETE  Custom Website that’s designed to global standards.


All our websites are customized to client’s specifications and are Optimized for Search Engines.

We format each website to work on all devices (desktops, tablets, smartphones).

The Websites we develop are user friendly. We develop them in such a way that you can manage them without knowledge of any complex programming codes. This gives you the control to manage and/or update your Website at any time.

Get your Website up and running now…

This offer is perfect for SMEs, Churches, NGOs and Startups wishing to build a new Website or upgrade their existing System.

See What’s included in this offer.

This is what You’ll Get (Features):

  • Domain Name

    Because your organisation is unique, we will secure for you a personal domain name. No more sub-domains. Enjoy the freedom of www.yourdomain.com

  • Web Hosting

    A website is nothing without global accessibility. Hosting is what makes this possible. We will give you a ONE year free personalised web hosting for your website service with cPanel for your convenience.

    Read more about Our Hosting here.

  • Logo Design

    From experience, most clients lack in this part. We’ve got you covered. If you have no logo, we will design for you a web friendly logo that will blend well with your site and brand.

  • Custom Design

    We will provide complete customisation of your entire site to bring a uniform and appealing look to your website visitors. We will ensure the website is cross-browser compatible and responsive (fits in all devices).

  • Customised Emails

    Businesses that take email communication seriously do not use free mail clients like Gmail and Yahoo. We will create personalised emails  like info@your domain.com. This will greatly increase your credibility and boost your brand.

  • Photo Gallery

    A picture is worth a thousand words. Having noted this, we will add a Photo Gallery to your site upon request.

  • Many Web Pages

    We will create up to 20 web pages for your website. Most users don’t exhaust this. With up to 20 pages, you will have the freedom to arrange your web content in separate categories without clatter.

  • Slider/Slideshow on Home Page

    We’ll include a slideshow on your website (home page and/or other page) to showcase your important message you would want to pass across in pictures and/or Text.

  • In-built Contact Form

    A website’s main essence is communication. We will create an in-built form on the contact Page for communication purposes. In case you want to collect information from users, we will also add the necessary form(s) to facilitate the same.

  • 24/7 Support

    You’ll get full support during and after the website development process. All you’ll have to do is raise a Support Ticket or call and we’ll be there for you.

  • Update Manual

    There’s nothing as annoying as urgently in need to update your site and the developer is not available or expensive. Since your website will be developed using the most advanced and modern standards, updating will be easy as long as you can type a word document.

    Upon completion of your website, Ufalme Technologies will send you a custom document that will guide you on how to manage (and update) your Website.

  • Free Update Service

    After completion of your website, we will offer a 30 days FREE web update services. This includes minor changes and updates on the site.

    A website Re-design/overhaul will call for a new contract.

  • Priority Support Service

    When you order, you will be given priority attention and service upon request.

  • Social Media IntegrationList Title

    We will also integrate your website with your Social Media Accounts.

  • FREE Content Creation

    Because of our vast experience, we’re able to create content for your website with only the basic details from your business card. Take advantage of this offer as we won’t charge you a cent for content creation.