What You Need To Get Started.

Having a business website is an essential part of your online presence. Your website:

  • is part of your business identity and branding
  • allows you to communicate with your customers and enables users to get in touch with you
  • can enable you to sell products and deliver services online.

Your decision to have one is great. But how do you get started?

Step 1: Get a domain name and URL

It’s important to choose a good domain name. It affects:

  • how easily customers can find your site
  • how much customers will trust your website and brand
  • your intellectual property and trademark protection.

We will help you identify the right domain for you.

Your domain name should be short, easy to remember and type into a browser.

Step 2. Gather Content

Every website must have content – text, pictures, and possibly videos. Think about:

  • the information you want to give your customers
  • what you want them to do on your site
  • the questions they might have etc.

Structure the site to make it easy for them to find and do the things they need. It might help to look at websites of businesses like yours to see how they’ve designed their site and what features they’ve added.

A well-designed and easy-to-use website will help your business stand out. An easy way to understand what you may need for your website is to draw up a visual site map. Typically, you’d want a page dedicated to each product/service you offer.

Step 3: Start the design process.

Upon a 50% downpayment, we step into the arena.  We will use the information you give us to design a mockup design of your website. When you approve it, we start the design and development process. You will be involved in every stage of development – choosing a domain name, Hosting and web development.

Step 4: Publish your website

Once your site is ready, a series of tests will be carried out. It will then need to be published (made live) so it can be found by customers using your domain name.

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